Lush Haul!

It has been the longest time since I've done a huge Lush shop, honestly it was very overdue - which isn't like me because I get into a bit of a frenzy if I begin to run out. I've finally stocked up, but I did a blind shop and went online and hoped for the best. I'm very impressed with my instinct because I'm so happy with everything new I've added to my collection!

Bath Bombs

Lord Of Misrule
Christmas Sweater
Sacred Lotus
Big Blue
Golden Slumbers
Yellow Submarine
Over And Over

Jelly Bombs

The Big Sleep
Green Coconut

Bath Oils

Floating Island
Cloak Of Invisibility
Oil On Troubled Water
Happy Thoughts

Bubble Bars

Sparkly Pumpkin

As you can see, I splurged a little but it is so worth it. I cherish my bath times, and find them so relaxing. Lush really help in making it that little more peaceful (let's just ignore the fact that my dogs are always in the bathroom with me, sometimes even trying to jump in!). I re-ordered some of my all time favourites such as Big Blue, Karma and Lord of Misrule, but I was a bit adventurous and ordered some I'd never heard of - especially the new jelly bombs! The first one I used was the Big Sleep jelly bomb, and what an odd sensation?! It was amazing, and smelt divine. The top layer of the bath forms into a jelly. I used the jelly on my skin and it left it feeling so soft, and smelling incredible. So far, I'm really impressed with these new items! I really didn't want to purchase any Christmas products yet, but I couldn't resist when they were right in front of me (on my screen). I've vowed to not use them until December, but I may fold as i'm constantly lusting over their wonderful-ness. I had two order two Pumpkins, and the Sparkly Pumpkin, as one - Halloween is my favourite time of year, and they smell amazing. I wish they were available all year round! 

I'll definitely be purchasing more over the coming weeks, as this is when the best products (in my opinion) come out. I've also never been one to try their other products, such as soaps, hair and body lotions so I'm determined to try them out, so please let me know your suggestions if you have any!

Until next time,