Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Watch

I'm not really one for armwear at all, although I love so many different bracelets and watches on the market nowadays, it's just not something I'm very good with... Until I come across this beauty. I have had my eyes on this for so long and finally gave in, and I am so happy with my choice. 

This is the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield watch in Rose gold. It is a large, simple watch with beautiful rose gold detailing. For so long I was indecisive about which watch to go for, as they aren't the cheapest but I think I made the right choice. This watch goes with every piece of clothing I own and it fits in well with my gold rings and other jewellery. 

The quality is beyond my expectations and I can see this watch being a favourite piece of clothing/ arm wear for a very long time. It is very minimalistic but the size of the face allows it to stand out beautifully.

This is what I am currently wearing 'arm wear' wise at the moment. Funnily enough my Aunty bought me a beautiful Rose gold Emozioni bracelet for my birthday which matches perfectly with the Rose gold detailing on the watch. I am really happy with this combo and think it goes really well.

You can buy this watch here, but be sure to have a browse through the different designs they offer as they are all absolutely beautiful. So much so I will definitely be considering Daniel Wellington again if I fancy another watch someday.

Lol x