Autumn Spiced Cake

It's been more than a year since I've had my baking equipment out... which is very peculiar as I usually find peace and solace in baking. Yesterday, I'd had enough... i'd exhausted Pinterest for some new recipes and was itching to get into it again. I decided on this wonderfully sounding, end equally as wonderfully tasting cake. It is filled with beautiful autumnal spices, and filled and topped with cream cheese frosting - perfect for these colder evenings!

The recipe is not my own (I wish I could invent something this delicious!) but you can find it right here. I left out the unsweetened apple sauce, purely because I couldn't find any. It didn't turn out any different or any worse, it was still beautifully moist and full of flavour. If you love this time of year and the ingredients and taste that comes with it, I would definitely recommend giving this a try. I couldn't even get a picture before my fiancé took a huge slice out of it!

I have a huge lineup of recipes to try next, and would love to document and review the recipes on here! So until next time...

Loriana x