Mitchum Anti Perspirant & Deodorant: Review

This may seem like a pretty boring review... I mean who would write about a daily essential such as deodorant? I bought these without thinking much of it, I was simply looking for a dew deodorant and I come across these. To say the least, these are an absolute game changer and I am utterly and completely converted. Carry on reading to find out why!

What it says:

"Mitchum Advanced Women 48HR Protection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant with oxygen odour control technology, provides 48 hour wetness protection.
It Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe and condition skin, whilst its long lasting fragrance keeps you feeling shower fresh.
Alcohol free and Dermatologist tested.
Minimises white marks."

I have tried these products out for around 2 weeks before reviewing them, and I can honestly say that I am in love. The packaging may not be as attractive as the other brands, but it does what it says and that is what attracts me. I'm a pretty active person and I do find myself feeling sweaty halfway through the day. An essential in my handbag is a roll on deodorant and a spray, but since trying these I haven't needed anything with me to 'top up' throughout the day. My personal favourite is the dry roll on and the shower fresh spray but they are all incredible. I can't 100% say they last 48 hours because it is just natural for me to shower and top up my deodorant, but I will be bringing them to V Festival this weekend and I am wholeheartedly trusting these products to see me through.

I can see myself sticking to these products for the long haul, and I can honestly not say enough about how well they work. They do not leak through clothes, they do not leave ANY white marks or uncomfort wet deodorants usually do, the smell is lovely and subtle and not overpowering which is essential in my opinion for a deodorant. Even after a full day you will not be left embarrassed upon forgetting to bring deodorant.

If I haven't said enough to sway you, read some reviews on any website that sells them and I am sure you will be convinced to try them. In most shops they are currently on offer for any 2 for £4! Considering they range from £2.89 to £3.20 I would definitely take advantage of this offer! Get yours here.

Lol x