Our Van Conversion

A few months ago, Jamie and I embarked on a completely new journey. We bought a van and decided to convert it into a camper. We are complete rookies but we are so proud of how far we've come on. We started out with nothing other than an empty van, some YouTube how to's and our imagination to make what will be our second home, on wheels.

We are nowhere near the finishing product. We want to take our sweet time to make sure the end result is exactly what we want. It was a serious investment for two people our age, but we haven't looked back... even on the ridiculously late nights learning how to wire circuits and maximising space ideas.

Our end goal will be to have our bed, a bed for my brother, space for the dogs, a kitchen and an awning that we will be able to use in the hotter months and in warmer countries. My other half is an avid mountain bike rider/racer and getting his bikes in there was a priority (much to mine and my OCD's dismay) We want to be able to take off for a couple of nights to a couple of months, travelling to new destinations and creating some everlasting memories.

Recently we set off for Ireland (my home) and travelled the North and South in 10 days. The freedom is a feeling beyond any other and stumbling upon the unknown and unplanned give us such a rush of life. Within that small amount of time we knew we made the right decision and our passion towards travelling grew.

I'm hoping to update on the progress of the van as we go along, and our journeys and destinations we have on the way. I'll be collecting all of our Ireland photos and footage and will create something to put up, as it's beauty was like no other.

I hope you like the photo's and how far we've come. We're so proud of the progress we've made and can't wait to see how it will all turn out!

Lol x